fresh rhubarb | pink grapefruit | geranium

Salty Dog

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Salty Dog

scent no. 189

‚ÄúThe zestful burst of grapefruit will awaken your senses and cleanse your palate. Infused with grapefruit, rhubarb, mint, aloe, and cactus pear.‚ÄĚ

A greyhound is my favorite drink and this just may be my favorite scent from the Libations Collection. The fragrance is sophisticated yet refreshing, and you can burn this anywhere inside (or outside) your home.

All candles are a coconut apricot + beeswax blend. All wax melts are coconut wax.


Top: sparkling white grapefruit, aloe vera, fresh rhubarb

Middle: pink grapefruit, blood orange, herbal mint, cactus pear

Bottom: geranium, musk, thyme


Moderate - will fill up a small room, like an office or bedroom.

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