pink guava | champagne | mixed berries

Boozy Brunch

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Boozy Brunch

scent no. 203

From weekend brunches to celebratory toasts, a good mimosa embodies joy and making memories with loved ones. Infused with champagne, pink gauva, passionfruit, and orange.

Mimosas set the mood better than any other drink. They're fun, fruity, and festive - usually the start of a good time. I love mixing champagne with unusual fruit juices like POG, which is a passionfruit, orange, and guava blend. This fragrance captures that unique twist of fun.

Available in coconut apricot wax candles and coconut wax melts.


Top: pink guava, papaya

Middle: champagne, cucumber

Bottom: lemon, mixed berries


Moderate - will fill up a small room, like an office or bedroom.

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