persimmon | papaya | white musk

Spiked Punch

$6 $7.50

Spiked Punch

scent no. 161

Escape to a tropical paradise while you blissfully bake in the sun. Infused with dragonfruit, papaya, and sugarcane.

Spiked Punch is the scent that perfectly represents this collection. It's a fun, yet complex fragrance that always puts a smile on my face when I light it. It is a crowd-pleaser, with the juicy aroma of dragonfruit that is gradually replaced by lingering notes of musk and coconut as it burns. If you could bottle up a vacation, Spiked Punch is it!

All candles are a coconut apricot + beeswax blend. All wax melts are coconut wax.


Top: persimmon, star apple

Middle: calamansi, papaya, lemongrass, grilled pineapple, fresh ginger

Bottom: sugar cane, white musk, toasted coconut


Moderate - will fill up a small room, like an office or bedroom.

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