cranberry | champagne | peach nectar

Holiday Party


Holiday Party

scent no. 109

“Don’t have too much fun!”

Have you ever smelled a fragrance that put a smile on your face? Holiday Party is that scent for me. It is bubbly (you can smell the champagne), fruity, and full of energy. If you give this as a gift, your friends and family will beg you for more. Don’t let the holidays stop you from burning this all year long!

Wax melts and wickless candles are coconut wax.

7.5oz and 15oz candles are soy wax.

12oz candles are coconut apricot wax.


Top: cranberry, raspberry, currants

Middle: champagne, strawberry, jasmine

Bottom: peach nectar, musk


Moderate - will fill up a small room, like an office or bedroom.

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