gingerbread | poached pears | lemon zest

Gift Basket


Gift Basket

scent no. 133

“Show your loved ones you care.”

I am continually impressed by the complexity of this fragrance. When I burn it, I truly smell every note, whether it’s the fruits or gourmands. They blend in a way that almost everyone will enjoy. You can literally add this to a gift basket and watch the reaction of your recipient as they burn it for the first time.

Wax melts and wickless candles are coconut wax.

7.5oz candles are soy wax.

12oz candles are coconut apricot wax.


Top: gingerbread, crisp apples

Middle: poached pears, earl grey tea, fresh honey

Bottom: lemon zest, cinnamon bark, vanilla glaze


Moderate - will fill up a small room, like an office or bedroom.

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