Regal Home Fragrance

Farm to Table Sampler


Crave the comforting ambiance of a home-cooked meal? The Farm to Table Sampler is a trifecta of candles designed to invoke the coziness of a beautifully prepared yet rustic meal. I tailored this mélange to pay homage to the farm-to-table movement - each scent designed to be pure and indicative of home. Revel in these scents with this trio of candles making an unforgettable way to savor them all.

Each candle is made with custom-blended fragrances, coconut apricot vegan wax, and crafted with no phthalates or parabens. And with 20 hours of burn time per candle, you'll be able to enjoy these delightful scents for days to come.

Contains three 2.5oz coconut-apricot wax candles:

  1. Pico de Gallo (sage vessel) - Starting off with the brightest, palette-cleansing scent, Pico de Gallo is an amazing blend of poblano peppers, cilantro, and tomatoes. Totally unexpected, it is my favorite of the group.
  2. Sweet Potato Soup (pearl vessel) - Move into a warm, hearty soup with the thickness of the cream permeating the air. You'll smell the spice of this one as it lingers. Strong enough to be an entree, but becoming the perfect transition between the two other scents.
  3. Fig and Apple Tart (mermaid vessel) - Sweet and delectable, this candle smells like the perfect fall dessert. The figs make it sophisticated and the apples make it comforting. The cinnamon makes it spicy and the walnuts make it crisp. A perfect combination and the perfect way to end a delicious meal.

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